Q offers a wide range of training possibilities:
– Certification instruments
– Competence management
– Interview techniques
– Communication styles
– Team analysis
– Teambuilding
– Team composition
– Progress meetings
– Evaluation talks
– Sales Skills
– Leadership

On the basis of a profound analysis we can also provide tailor made training. If needed we will hire specialists to do the job. Be aware: the highest return on investment (80%) you get from coaching on the job!

Before you offer someone a training programme, think about these important issues:
– Does the training match with the candidates’ talents, based on his or her personality traits?
– Is this training vital for the job or for the candidate’s ability to function?
– Will quality of work or the candidate’s motivation really improve because of this training?
– Which cognitive capacities does one need to possess in order to be able to tag along?
– Does the training offer enough or too little challenge?
– Is a collective approach justified? Or do individual courses fit better?

It is advisable to always undertake a zero point measurement. As soon as the training is completed, you can assess whether your investments give any return.
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