Scientific research shows only 20% of recruited candidates produce 80% of all results. These times more than ever companies are focusing on recruiting top talent in the market. Due to our current economic climate it is also necessary to identify and optimize talent working in an organization. This talent has to be managed, motivated and retained for your company.

Talent management is to analyze and further optimize talents of employees and managers. A critical review of how an organization can keep fulfilling its strategy and ambition. Iconoclastic thinking about employability based on a healthy and mature attitude of cooperation and trust. Not only ‘quick wins’ but sustainable solutions connecting individual and collective ambitions.

Procedure talent management
Planning strategic talent management at Q-Assessments consists of 3 phases: Identifying talent, developing talent and retaining talent.
Identifying talent
Talents are mostly viewed as natural behaviour. Often employees do not recognize their talents and are not aware of how these talents can contribute to success of an organization. To maximize the performance of talent in your organization, you need to know which talents are already available. To identify talents Q-Assessments offers many different psychometric tools.
Developing talent
Talents are produced out of personality, ability and workstyle of an employee. Identifying talent is not a guarantee for development of talent. To boost your organization, talent development can support in actually developing talent. Q-Assessments uses several tools to boost your business f.e. development center, training and individual career guidance. Our program is always tailor made by our consultants.
Retaining talent
After identifying and developing talent the next step is to retain talent in your organization. One solution could be to optimize the match between skills of an employee and possible challenges on the job. Only then an employee can be highly productive and enjoy every inch of his or her talent. In our talent management procedure we create a tailor made plan for your organization to retain talent right now and in the near future.

Key benefits Talent Management
– focused on ambitions/goals of employer and employee;
– objective recommendation regarding psychometrics;
– positive and proactive approach;
– clear, practical and focused on results.

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