Q-Assessments has developed a high end method for recruitment. This technique is based on speed, cooperation and quality. Q-Assessments is focusing on management and executive positions mostly. Our method is further characterized by a personal touch, a profound knowledge of sectors, experience (>20 years), a highly effective way of advertising and an extensive database. Q-Assessments’ consultants are specifically capable of creating a job description which is independant and sharp. For a proper search profile just a job description is not sufficient. A combination between an analysis of setting ( team, department, company) and job analysis is needed to establish an optimal candidate profile to create an optimal match. This investment and effort from Q-Assessments creates future success.

Quality in recruitment is highly important. Based on a profile as defined above we will start searching. Recruiting a matching candidate is done by effective use of our research team as well as state of the art marketing tools (media, social media, database). When proper candidates are searched we will present an extensive profile. Then we (commonly) select the optimal match.

In our method every employed candidate will start with a development center. This secures a quick and optimal start in a new cooperation. Our own research shows it improves success rate. Furthermore Q-Assessments provides ‘Onboarding Support’ in which we monitor and guide a candidate to secure a seemless fit in your organization.

Like to be informed about our Search & Select method? Please contact us directly at +31(0)88-8832188 or mail us at service@Q-Assessments.com .