When we implement performance management your strategy is translated into specific goals. Successfully implemented performance management will optimize your business results. Everyone involved in your company will be aware of a clear structure. Every implementation is tailor made, but at Q-Assessments we apply 3 phases.

1. Define strategy
Together with the board and several involved stakeholders we translate organizational strategy to HR strategy. Up to date scientific principles of performance management are leading. An option is to question employees regarding focus on results and successful and necessary competencies. Based on our defined HR strategy a procedure for the upcoming weeks, months and years is established.

2. Establishing HR team
To create an optimal service level at HR every HR team needs to be assembled according to organizational and HR strategy. Q-Assessments will advise according to proven concepts and HR benchmarks.

3. Design and implement development cycle
Developing employees is an ongoing process that needs to be supported by a manager. By realizing specific, bespoke and feasible development targets at the beginning of the year and coaching during the year, employability of an employee is increased every year. It is essential to check before if an employee has enough necessary competencies before time and budget is used.

Our experienced consultants will advice extensively regarding implementation of a performance cycle. Our procedure can be supported by:
– Best Practice research in your company, to establish a optimal competency profile;
– Designing a development cycle, starts with online psychometrics and ends with development centers;
– Training your managers in coaching skills.

Key benefits performance management at Q-Assessments:
– Consultants with degrees in psychology and economics;
– Always a tailor made solution, no off-the-shelf solutions;
– Solid experience in all sectors.;
– Self enabling: all necessary knowledge and experience will be transferred (DIY method);
– Focus on specific behaviour;
– Objective advice on suitable psychometrics;
– Focus on increasing strenghts;
– Practical and comprehensable.

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