Matching people with work is extremely important. Both an employee and an employer can take advantage and enjoy an optimal usage of talent and qualities. Companies often offer many different opportunities for personal development of their employees.  But what if an employee is not aware of his or her strenghts and weaknesses? Or does not know which talents to develop for the future?

An employability plan at Q-Assessments is targeted at the future and at peoples desires: What do I want? A participant is willing to change his or her career but has problems to guide him- or herself. He or she does not know what to do and is not able to translate interests into possible jobs. Issues as ‘Who am I?’and ‘What am I capable of?’ are important as well. To answer the question ‘What do I want? it is quite practical to know who your are and what your capable of. Employability and career guidance is focussing on a successful interpration of a (new) job. It is most important to detect your talent and competencies and to explore (im)possibilities.

Key benefits of career guidance are:
– Effective flow: you are aware of your talents and are able to plan your future realistically and efficient;
– Cost efficient: use your (organisations)talent at the max;
– Clarity: know your strenghts and weaknesses and be aware how (not) to use them;
– Self enabling: your employee is motivated and involved.

Career support, specific opportunities
At Q-Assessments we distinguish 3 sorts of career support:
– Career Orientation
– Career Counseling
– Career Guidance

If career support is requested a Q-Assessments consultant will objectively analyse the candidate and all relevant factors around him or her. During the process we will monitor goals of the employer and the employee. After our career support an employee is highly motivated to take responsibility for his or her own career. He/she has a profound understanding of own competencies, is aware of weaknesses and has established a plan to solve these issues.
A well designed career support plan should enable current and future career steps and be used for a couple of years. The final report can also be used for a Personal Development Plan (PDP). By offering career support to your employees:
– Efficiency will improve;
– Performance will increase;
– Leadership and management pipeline will improve.

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