Assessment Center
Our assessments are executed at different levels. It is of the utmost importance that we get to know your organisation well, in particular get in-depth knowledge the job profile. Our consultants will therefore scrupulously inform and prepare themselves before meeting the candidate. Solid agreements are made with regards to desired competencies, focal points and particularities.
A clear and well structured report always accompanies all our assessments. All pre-determined competencies are reported on. A clear distinction is made whether competencies are present and visible or not. An unambiguous and neutral advice is given on job/person potential and hazard.

Executive assessments
Our Executive assessments are executed by senior psychologists and consultants, all extremely experienced in (international) business.
An Executive assessment programme encompasses at least two days. An elaborate verbal feedback session is part of this procedure. This is not only about job match or suitability. At this level the candidate’s experience is also important. What is in it for him or her during these days? The objective is to positively enlighten our contractor, but also the candidate by providing potential eye openers and by offering some recommendations based on the results.