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Understanding the strengths of your current and potential employees means you can make informed decisions, save time and improve performance. It’s easy to see why ability tests are such an important part of the sifting and selection stages. Assessing ability could not be easier. Logiks uses scientifically-grounded insight to quickly identify your top talent and filter out the least suitable candidates. Questions are drawn at random from hundreds of possible tests to ensure fair, accurate and detailed assessments, with instant analysis. All this is backed by the support of Cubiks Online, our user-friendly platform for easy reporting and administration.

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PAPI 3 explores the drivers and preferred working styles of participants, offering reliable insight to help you select, identify and develop the talent you need. The results focus on what’s critical to your organisation, equipping your team to deliver impactful interviews and productive feedback discussions. PAPI 3 provides the power for you to define exactly what you’re looking for. Using Job Profiler, you can send a short questionnaire to your job experts and automatically collate their input on what’s essential for success. Developed from the ground up, PAPI 3 is culturally sensitive and available in a variety of languages. This makes it ideal for international businesses looking to deliver personality assessments in multiple countries. Available for certified and non-certified users. For certified users who have not completed the PAPI 3 update course, the PAPI 2 is still available.

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Verify Checking & Calculation


SHL offers a wide range of ability testing methods, like the Checking Test. It measures an individual’s ability to quickly and accurately compare information such as numbers, letters and patterns, making it ideal for use when recruiting for clerical, data entry and purchasing roles. The Calculation Test assesses ability to perform numerical calculations swiftly and correctly, as required for day-to-day tasks in sectors such as retail, payroll and banking. SHL has also extended the global reach of its existing Verify Verbal, Numerical and Inductive Reasoning tests. They have been launched in a range of new languages including Japanese, Thai and Russian meaning that these tools are more globally applicable and available in 25 languages. The new Verify Checking and Calculation tests have been created with the same anti-cheat robustness as the existing Verify range. While the main assessment is completed remotely, each Verify test comes with an optional, free, shorter, ‘supervised’ follow-up assessment usually taken at the employer’s premises. This follow-up test allows employers to check that the person who takes the supervised Verification test is of the same ability as the person who has taken the initial unsupervised online test.

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Savvy Integrity


Savvy Integrity offers the opportunity to check candidates at half a dozen integrity risks: theft, bribery, gambling, substance use, loyalty and honesty. This test can be administered separately, as an powerful combination with a personality questionnaire or as a part of a full online/offline assessment.

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Profile Selector

360 Feedback (behaviour)PiCompanyPreselection

Profile Selector is an instrument that defines one or more job profiles within organisations. For each role, several critical competencies can be (s)elected. Profile Selector enables several layers within the organisation (management, job experts, colleagues, role executives) to give their opinion on desired behaviour. Questions are dealt with online assuring objectivity and possibility for partioners to respond at any given time and place. The result is an overview of competencies deemed critical for success, derived from different perspectives from each responding group. The outcome provides solid ground for discussion and will help to establish a set of competencies that is widely supported in the organisation.

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Detector Career Values


Detector Career Values gives a sneak preview of career values during preselection procedures. It shows what someone typically finds important and joyful. Detector Career Values detects eight different aspects: • Dedication • Security • Management • Challenge • Independence • Expertise • Entrepreneurial skills • Work versus private matters Detector Career Values gives a clear and directly interpretable view on the most (ranked in the top) and least (ranked at the bottom) important values. Detector Career Values is an online questionnaire with direct access. It can therefore be used at any time and any place, so the questionnaire is particularly suitable for situations that require speedy decisions.

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Detector Big Five Personality


The Detector Big Five Personality gives a quick and efficient image of the most important personality traits, the so-called “Big Five”: instability, extraversion, openness, accommodation and conscientiousness. The Detector Big Five Personality shows to which degree these personality traits match with the job in hand. This test is taken online and the results are immediately available. This means the test can be administered at different locations and times for a most efficient pre-selection procedure. The instrument measures the position of the respondent with regards to the average norm in a local working population, regardless of age, education or gender. The personality characteristics are presented on one page in a well-organized graphic overview. Sample Report Detector Big Five Personality

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Detector Ability


The Detector Ability is a new, unique preselection intelligence test. The test measures how quick and easy you solve certain tasks. Intelligence predicts the easiness and speediness in solving new problems and getting to grips with new information. It gives a clear indication on how people will deal with problems in professional circumstances. The Detector Ability preselects candidates living up to cognitive levels required for the job and are therefore eligible to proceed to the next level in any given selection procedure. The Detector Ability is composed of four sets : Spatial elements, Matrixes, Mathematical elements and Diagrammes. Each set is presided by throrough explanation and practice questions, both excluding any time limit. Once the candidate is ready, the real questionnaire wil start. This procedure is repeated with each new set untill all four have been completed. The Detector Ability is truly unique as it is considered free from cultural bias & language barriers, adaptive and available 24×7 online. The Detector Ability is therefore effective for measuring general intelligence indications quickly and efficiently, ideal for preselection procedures. For a full and complete analysis, we refere to the Connector Ability.

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Connector Big Five Personality


The Connector Big Five Personality is an extended version of the Detector Big Five Personality. The test user can select a certain set of competencies and the report indicates to which degree the candidate’s personality traits match. This report also represents all traits and selected competencies in a graphic summary on one page and in such a way that it can be interpreted easily and immediately.

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Connector Ability Lower Levels


The Connector Ability is a new, unique ability test that measures the G-factor – the “General” intelligence factor. The Connector Ability is unique in that the test is free from culture bias; it is adaptive and available online 24×7. It can therefore be used for a quick and efficient assessment of candidates’ general intelligence level. The Connector Ability test can be used for job functions at three different levels: Masters-, Bachelors- and Community College level and are rewarded a 4TP certification from Cito. Besides these features, the Connector Ability can also be taken at home. If the test is taken at home, our Connector Ability Validator can be used. This means you can validate the results of the Connector Ability test by means of a very short subsequent test in a designated place, under supervision. Cognitive ability tests are proven to be the most effective predictors of success in the work context. The Connector Ability does this reliably, quickly and efficiently. The adaptive nature of the test means that the level of each question depends on the answer to the previous question. A specific assessment of the candidate’s level is made, making it very efficient in terms of time and every candidate is presented with a unique set of questions. This test is taken online and the results are immediately available. This means the test can be administered at different locations and times, for a most efficient selection procedure, in which different candidates from anywhere in the world can be compared. The test provides a measurement of a candidate’s level of general intelligence without a prior need to determine the candidate’s level of education, which is only important for international comparisons due to the fact that diplomas are not always comparable. Afterwards, the score can be compared with a number of internationally standardized norm-referenced groups. The test results are well organized and are represented in a graphic summary on one page in such a way that it can be interpreted immediately. Sample Report

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