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PAPI 3 explores the drivers and preferred working styles of participants, offering reliable insight to help you select, identify and develop the talent you need. The results focus on what’s critical to your organisation, equipping your team to deliver impactful interviews and productive feedback discussions. PAPI 3 provides the power for you to define exactly what you’re looking for. Using Job Profiler, you can send a short questionnaire to your job experts and automatically collate their input on what’s essential for success. Developed from the ground up, PAPI 3 is culturally sensitive and available in a variety of languages. This makes it ideal for international businesses looking to deliver personality assessments in multiple countries. Available for certified and non-certified users. For certified users who have not completed the PAPI 3 update course, the PAPI 2 is still available.

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Team Roles

360 Feedback (behaviour)DevelopmentHrmForcePersonalitySelection

A candidate completes an online questionnaire focusing on team roles. The report shows an overview of group roles which a candidate prefers. It identifies a style he/she is likely to adopt, a style likely to adopt in some circumstances and a style not likely to adopt in a group or team at all. Furthermore it shows preferred behaviour of people adopting a certain role.

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Team Impact Selection


SHL’s Team Impact selection reports offers an overview of strengths and weaknesses regarding performing in teams. Through structured, competence based, interview questions it is possible to further examine a candidates added value. The report shows how a candidate performs in a team and how the candidate can improve his or her performance. It also shows how a manager can support development of a team members performance. Sample Report OPQ Team Impact Selection

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Team Impact Development


With SHL’s Team Impact – Individual Development report candidates who need to work together gain insight in how and in which areas they can improve their personal contribution to the team. This report contains specific and practical development tips to the areas in need of attention. Sample Report OPQ Team Impact Development

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Student Big Five


The Student Big Five is a specially designed questionnaire for students on any graduate or undergraduate level. Both the questionnaire as the report are fully geared towards the educational world. Students, but also teachers, coaches and counsellors can use Student Big Five during the study period. After graduation, this information can also be of vital importance to recruiters, job advisors, career counsellors, etc. The Student Big Five provides support by measuring the respondent on the most important personality traits, the so-called “Big Five”: instability, extraversion, openness, accommodation and conscientiousness. It also shows which competencies are to be nurtured, developed or best left alone.

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Sales Report


SHL’s Sales report shows a graphical and a narrative summary of an individuals preferred behavioural style which is essential for sales success. It supports people in salesjobs to identify potential strenghts, weaknesses and areas for further exploration. This report is divided in 3 sections: sales foundations, sales cycle and an optional motivation overview. When combined with Motivational Questionnaire (MQ), it provides an overview of motivators that can influence sales effectiveness. Sample Report OPQ Sales Report

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Reflector Big Five Personality


The Reflector Big Five Personality can be used when a balanced and comprehensive impression of someone’s personality in daily work situations is needed. This might be helpful in situations like personal development activities, career choices and evaluation of the potential for career development. The Reflector Big Five Personality provides support by measuring the respondent on the most important personality traits, the so-called “Big Five”: instability, extraversion, openness, accommodation and conscientiousness. The questionnaire focuses on behaviour that people show in work situations. The instrument measures the position of the respondent with regards to the average norm in a local working population. The questionnaire paints a portrait of the employee’s measured personality traits compared to the desired job competencies. A special version for students is also available. The personality characteristics as well as the information concerning the competencies are presented in a well-organized graphic overview using brief and succinct explanatory texts. Sample Report Reflector Big Five Personality

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Reflector Big Five Leadership


Which leadership roles fit and which ones do not? How much energy does it cost for one to grow in a certain role? Which personality traits lay at the foundation of a leadership profile? The Reflector Big Five Leadership helps to find the answers. The Reflector Big Five Leadership shows the amount of talent one has to develop and sustain behaviour connected to specific leadership roles. It also shows to which extent one is suited for a managerial or executive position. Personality as the basis for success Whether someone is capable showing specific leadership skills successfully, highly depends on his/her personality. The better personality traits fit a leadership role, the easier it will be for this person to show behaviour required for this particular role. The Reflector Big Five Leadership is based on the worldwide highly regarded Reflector Big Five Personality. This instrument is therefore effective, trustworthy, reliable and predictive. Eight leadership roles The Reflector Big Five Leadership distinguishes eight leadership roles, based on the well-known and proven principles of Quinn: • Innovator Generating new ideas is typical for the Innovator. Key word is “innovation.” • Networker The Networker represents the department/organisation towards the outside world and actively maintains a large network. Keyword is “possibilities”. • Producer The Producer is hands-on active. This leader proceeds quickly and energetically, with focus on clear tasks and concrete results. Keyword is “result”. • Director Typical for a director is the focus on targets and making roadmaps. Keyword of this leader is “direction”. • Co-ordinator A Co-ordinator plans and brings structure, delegates tasks & means, checking progress. Keywords are “taking care”. • Monitor A Monitor leader analyses carefully, registers and reports. The keyword is “information”. • Teambuilder The Teambuilder puts up frames for collaboration and focuses on group processes. The keyword is “cooperation”. • Coach A Coach focuses on coaching, supervising and development of co-workers. The keyword is “counselling”. Clear reports Reflector Big Five Leadership can be taken online. The participant receives an e-mail including a link to the questionnaire. Upon completion, the report will be submitted immediately online to the test taker. Reports cover two parts: the part that compares the test taker’s leadership roles with a special norm group consisting of managers and executives only and the part reveiling the underlying personality traits that will show to which extent certain roles are to be developed (ranging from very difficult to very easy).

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Performance Improvement Plan

360 Feedback (behaviour)DevelopmentPersonalityPiCompany

The question is: do certain competencies give you pleasure or not? It is possible that people recognize certain talents (behaviour), but do they really come from deep within? In other words, do they fit your personality? The other way round is of course also possible. The Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) shows effectively which talents fit your personality and which do not. These results are than combined with the outcome of a 360 questionnaire in which colleagues, managers or subordinates judge whether these talents are actually displayed on the workfloor and to which extent. Sample Report PIP

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OPQ Profile


SHL’s OPQ Profile provides a short overview of all scores on 32 OPQ dimensions. This report is meant for a trained and certified user as a preparation for feedback, full assessment or a written report. Sample Report OPQ Profile

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