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MQ (Motivational Questionnaire)


The Motivation Questionnaire measures 18 dimensions of an individual’s motivation. These provide a structured profile of the situations and tasks that will bring out the best in a person. Motivation provides a unique contribution to our understanding of aspects that drive successful job performance, alongside other factors such as personality, ability and knowledge. The more your organisation is able to understand and maintain motivation, the more successful your employees, and in turn your organisation, will become. Sample Report MQ

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Motivation is one of the essential elements of being successful at your job. This questionnaire is designed to help you understand what increases and decreases your employees motivation. Additionally, the questionnaire analyses the factors that motivate and which factors do not motivate. This questionnaire will take approximately 25 minutes. Based on the inquiry of the candidates current work experiences a statement will be formulated about his/her engagement.

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Detector Career Values


Detector Career Values gives a sneak preview of career values during preselection procedures. It shows what someone typically finds important and joyful. Detector Career Values detects eight different aspects: • Dedication • Security • Management • Challenge • Independence • Expertise • Entrepreneurial skills • Work versus private matters Detector Career Values gives a clear and directly interpretable view on the most (ranked in the top) and least (ranked at the bottom) important values. Detector Career Values is an online questionnaire with direct access. It can therefore be used at any time and any place, so the questionnaire is particularly suitable for situations that require speedy decisions.

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Career Values


Career Values offers support for answering questions if certain job profiles, roles or organisational values match with those values sought after by the candidate in his or her career. The results of eight core career values are shown in order of priority – that is to say: expertise, management, entrepreneurial skills, dedication, challenge, balance in work and private affairs, security, independence – ranging from most to least important. The instrument can be used for individuals seeking answers on job or career choices. For teams or groups it can be used to measure to which extent individual choices are coherent or differential with reference to their colleagues or organisational values. The preference priority setting is represented on one page in a well-organized graphic overview with concrete suggestions and tips. Sample Report

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