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PAPI 3 explores the drivers and preferred working styles of participants, offering reliable insight to help you select, identify and develop the talent you need. The results focus on what’s critical to your organisation, equipping your team to deliver impactful interviews and productive feedback discussions. PAPI 3 provides the power for you to define exactly what you’re looking for. Using Job Profiler, you can send a short questionnaire to your job experts and automatically collate their input on what’s essential for success. Developed from the ground up, PAPI 3 is culturally sensitive and available in a variety of languages. This makes it ideal for international businesses looking to deliver personality assessments in multiple countries. Available for certified and non-certified users. For certified users who have not completed the PAPI 3 update course, the PAPI 2 is still available.

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The OPQ32r is a truly global tool enabling consistent worldwide assessment and evaluation. It is available in more than 30 languages. The questionnaire takes the majority of people less than 30 minutes to complete online. The OPQ32r is a personality test which measures aspects of behaviour that are crucial to performance potential, which cannot easily be identified by other techniques, such as reading CVs and interviewing. The OPQ32r provides a clear, simple framework for understanding the impact of personality on job performance. A range of targeted, user-friendly and professional reports are available, providing clear, concise, graphical summaries of performance against job competencies. Most of these reports are designed for use by line managers. Popular reports include: • The Manager Plus Report • The Candidate Plus Report • The Universal Competency Report • The Sales Report • The Team Development Report • The Leadership Report. OPQ Report Selector

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Career Values


Career Values offers support for answering questions if certain job profiles, roles or organisational values match with those values sought after by the candidate in his or her career. The results of eight core career values are shown in order of priority – that is to say: expertise, management, entrepreneurial skills, dedication, challenge, balance in work and private affairs, security, independence – ranging from most to least important. The instrument can be used for individuals seeking answers on job or career choices. For teams or groups it can be used to measure to which extent individual choices are coherent or differential with reference to their colleagues or organisational values. The preference priority setting is represented on one page in a well-organized graphic overview with concrete suggestions and tips. Sample Report

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Career Scan

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The Career Scan can be used when the candidate wants to gain insight if a current job matches with his or her personality, competencies and values or whether another job or career might fit better. The Career Scan looks for three levels of relevant input needed to select the appropriate development activities, to prepare for an appraisal meeting or for making a more than educated guess with respect to training or education. Use of the Career Scan is particularly sensible for personal reorientation with regards to current and future job activities or outplacement in the event of forced exit procedures. The Career Scan provides an overview of the candidates’ most preferred career values, his or her set of personality traits and the level to which extent he or she possesses or lacks relevant competencies. The outcome of this analysis provides a well balanced advice on the type of job areas that fit most or least. The report also indicates potential, both in terms of managerial skills as well as professional growth. The information will be presented in a clear and graphic overview by means of simple and short textual references in highlighted boxes. Sample Report

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Career Pointer


The Career Pointer offers a helping hand by indicating on which job one could succesfully orientate themselvesfinding, offering concrete information on best matching job (offers). Job indicators link directly to relevant offers on job portals. Results indicate to which extent the candidate is open to a change of role or job field and to which extent he or she is able to take systematical action steps or ability to talk to others. The candidate will receive specific tips for courses of action suited to his/her way of openness and willingness to act. Sample Report

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Career Interest

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This comprehensive questionnaire matches several important domains in psychometrics. Results are based on three questions: Who am I? (personality), What am I capable of? (behaviour) and What do I want? (motivation). These domains are queried through 3 different questionnaires. All results are combined into different kind of job families. Every combination corresponds with specific jobs. Our report also shows matching and non-matching job (families). The results of our Career Interest questionnaire can be used as input for our Employability solution.

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Big Fifty Personality

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This is an online personality questionnaire. This instrument presents the scores of the candidate based on the five major factors of personality for behaviour in the workplace; the Big Five (Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness, Adjustment and Conscientiousness). In the Big Fifty Personality report the candidates personality profile is translated into competencies. For each competency there is an indication of the extent to which the employee can develop the competency given his/her personality. This questionnaire will take approximately 20 minutes.

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This questionnaire has been developed to explore all facets which determines a persons personality. This way you gain more insight into how a person will probably react and behave in a certain situation. Our report consists of 15 factors measuring personality and an extra factor consistency measuring the reliability of the results. The test will take approximately 25 minutes.

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