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Team Roles

360 Feedback (behaviour)DevelopmentHrmForcePersonalitySelection

A candidate completes an online questionnaire focusing on team roles. The report shows an overview of group roles which a candidate prefers. It identifies a style he/she is likely to adopt, a style likely to adopt in some circumstances and a style not likely to adopt in a group or team at all. Furthermore it shows preferred behaviour of people adopting a certain role.

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Reference Check

360 Feedback (behaviour)HrmForceSelection

Checking a reference in a selection procedure concerns querying a contact at one or several previous employers of an applicant. This way a future employer can assess the global functioning of an applicant including stated facts in an applicants resume. Using our Reference Check will allow you to query a contact in an objective manner. Also it is an optimal preparation for calling a referent. This check will take approximately 15 minutes.

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Motivation is one of the essential elements of being successful at your job. This questionnaire is designed to help you understand what increases and decreases your employees motivation. Additionally, the questionnaire analyses the factors that motivate and which factors do not motivate. This questionnaire will take approximately 25 minutes. Based on the inquiry of the candidates current work experiences a statement will be formulated about his/her engagement.

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Learning Styles

360 Feedback (behaviour)DevelopmentHrmForcePersonality

Individual learning has increasingly become an important factor in personal development, something that is essential in today’s rapidly changing working environment. This questionnaire is designed to provide insight into how a candidate deals with learning activities. Understanding his/her personal learning preferences, enables the employee to effectively select and organize learning opportunities, thus resulting in personal development at the highest level possible.

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The outcome of this questionnaire provides an overview of the candidates preferred management role. It identifies the style he/she is likely to adopt, the style he/she is likely to adopt under certain circumstances and the style he/she is not likely to adopt in a team or group situation. It then describes possible behavioral patterns of people with a similar preference for the management role. This questionnaire will take approximately 15 minutes.

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Employee Satisfaction

360 Feedback (behaviour)DevelopmentHrmForce

By means of an employee satisfaction survey, staff members are questioned about factors such as work processes, working environment, working conditions, office culture, the organisation, management, career development and loyalty. These factors are then combined in a group overview and can be edited.

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Conflict Styles

DevelopmentHR Cycle PhaseHrmForcePersonalityPublisherSegmentSkills

This questionnaire is designed to analyze individual behavior in conflict situations. These are situations in which the interests of two persons do not align. The displayed behavior is a result of personal preference and the situation that the person finds themselves in. This questionnaire will help to analyze the mix of conflict styles. The score on one of the five conflict styles indicates how this style can be of use to you and how it can be managed.

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Competency Check

360 Feedback (behaviour)DevelopmentHR Cycle PhaseHrmForcePublisherSegment

The Competency Check is often called the 0-degrees feedback. During this check the candidate will assess his/her own behaviour. Contrary to the 360 Feedback and Appraisal the candidates workplace is not involved. This report produces detailed feedback on skills, abilities, personality, motivation, and other work-related characteristics. The candidate will receive feedback on how he / she sees herself. This questionnaire will take approximately 15 minutes.

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Communication Styles

DevelopmentHR Cycle PhaseHrmForcePersonalityPublisherSegmentSkills

Two factors have emerged from studies on human relationships. One factor is about control, influence and dominance and the other is about intimacy and affection. In this report the two factors are compared and translated into 8 different communication styles. This questionnaire will take approximately 15 minutes.

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Career Orientations

DevelopmentHR Cycle PhaseHrmForcePublisherSegmentSelection

The candidate will take a career values test. This instrument offers support in answering the question of whether specific functions, roles or organizations match the values that a person wants to realize in his/her career. This test will take approximately 15 minutes.

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