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Cubiks 360

360 Feedback (behaviour)CubiksDevelopmentHR Cycle PhasePublisherSegment

Forward-thinking organisations understand the strong reason for including 360 reviews in their performance appraisals. They lead to greater self-awareness, enable staff to view their behaviour from the perspectives of others, and encourage goal setting and skill development. Cubiks 360 is a flexible and fully customisable 360 degree feedback system. It is quick, efficient and simple to use, with users able to complete multiple reviews in one sitting. With more engaged reviewers, you can benefit from better results and greater insight into your employees’ strengths and development needs.  

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Logiks General Advanced

CubiksHR Cycle PhaseIntelligencePreselectionPublisherSegmentSelection

Understanding the strengths of your current and potential employees means you can make informed decisions, save time and improve performance. It’s easy to see why ability tests are such an important part of the sifting and selection stages. Assessing ability could not be easier. Logiks uses scientifically-grounded insight to quickly identify your top talent and filter out the least suitable candidates. Questions are drawn at random from hundreds of possible tests to ensure fair, accurate and detailed assessments, with instant analysis. All this is backed by the support of Cubiks Online, our user-friendly platform for easy reporting and administration.

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CubiksDevelopmentHR Cycle PhaseMobilityPersonalityPreselectionPublisherSegmentSelection

PAPI 3 explores the drivers and preferred working styles of participants, offering reliable insight to help you select, identify and develop the talent you need. The results focus on what’s critical to your organisation, equipping your team to deliver impactful interviews and productive feedback discussions. PAPI 3 provides the power for you to define exactly what you’re looking for. Using Job Profiler, you can send a short questionnaire to your job experts and automatically collate their input on what’s essential for success. Developed from the ground up, PAPI 3 is culturally sensitive and available in a variety of languages. This makes it ideal for international businesses looking to deliver personality assessments in multiple countries. Available for certified and non-certified users. For certified users who have not completed the PAPI 3 update course, the PAPI 2 is still available.

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