Q-Assessments cooperates with the most leading suppliers of HR instruments.


HrmForce serves businesses with information technology by delivering sophisticated assessments, HRM solutions and high quality services. HrmForce develops cloud-based solutions for people management. Ranging from a single personality or ability questionnaire to a full blown performance tool. They support all major HRM processes such a recruitment, development, employability and analytics. With these solutions HrmForce helps you run your business more efficiently. And because we are there every step of the way, we provide high quality services to our customers.

PiCompany helps its clients to stay result-oriented. PI Company produces visible and immediate business results through the implementation of the building blocks of the High Performance Organization (HPO).
The philosophy is to help organizations become increasingly more flexible so that they can quickly adapt to the rapidly paced changes in a globalised world. People play a crucial role in the flexibility of organizations. Investment in people-more than any other investment-yields high returns. Above all, people invest in their own versatility. An organization optimally supports its people when it conveys what it expects of them and acknowledges when they have succeeded. The combination of people-orientation and measurability is the very heart of our concepts.
Q-Assessments is a PiCompany Strategic Business Partner. All PiCompany products & services are available at reduced rates.

SHL provides workplace talent assessment solutions – including ability and personality tests, and psychometric assessments in more than 50 countries and in 30 languages. OPQ is one of the most widely used instruments in the world measuring personality.
Apart from HR instruments, SHL also offers the Universal Competency Framework, the UCF. This is a renowned competency model that can serve as a basis for all kinds of development.
Q-Assessments is an SHL Strategic Business Partner. Most SHL products & services are available at reduced rates.

Master Management
Master Management is an international consulting firm and test publisher, founded in Denmark (1985). Nowadays, Master Management is represented in over 13 countries, offering psychometric assessment tools like personality, cognitive and sales skill tests.
In their development centre, Master Management ensures that all of products are innovative, yet scientifically sound and at the cutting edge of the business world. Their products come with all the necessary supporting and updated documentation, therefore living up to EFPA guidelines and approved by Test commissions like BPS and Veritas/DNV. Q-Assessments is a Master Management Strategic Business Partner. All Master products & services are available at reduced rates.

Van der Maesen & Koch HRM-Advisory provide leading innovative tools and methods for assessment and competency development. It concerns tests, for use in recruitment and selection; online simulations used in skills assessments and certification programs; training modules. Q-Assessments is a T-Station Business Partner.

With HRVision we share our passion to identify people’s talents and to connect these talents to their job and performance.
HRVision sets a new standard introducing an innovative assessment method Savvy. Cross medial interactive testing. Specific tests like adaptability to stress. All test are adaptive (match to candidate’s level) which means every candidate will tested to his/her limits. Normgroups created for your organizations create an opportunity to predict actual job performance. An extraordinary and unique option is testing integrity. This enlightens us with candidates behaviour when faces (moral) dilemma’s.