The HR Cycle entails four phases.

Solutions for pre-selection have overall the objective to reduce a large number of applicants as efficiently as possible to a limited number of interesting candidates. This process increases the chances in finding suitable candidates.

You have attracted a limited number of suitable candidates. Now you just need to find the best candidate! A test or assessment is a very essential and very effective tool to get to an objective and final decision stage. You can use a variation of questionnaires on personality or cognitive abilities. The investment in a test or assessments is minimal compared to the cost of a mismatch. If a job profile does not match with the competency profile of the person, costs like training, salary and loss of productivity loss can easily amount to a one year gross salary.

When having the right person working in the right job, you obviously would like to retain this person. Some you even want to move up in the organisation. After all, people are the engine and core capital of your organisation. Developing your staff in the right way is essential for continued success and for keeping employees motivated and happy. Which competencies are in (urgent) need of development? Who is ready for the next step? How do you organise my succession planning? For example, a personality and 360 questionnaires can be very helpful for setting a path of transition. This way both you and your employee know exactly what to do.

In the unfortunate situation an employee faces replacement or you are forced to let him/her go, it will help to map various issues objectively. What are the strengths of a candidate, where does he/she need help, which competencies are beyond development? A total career scan is than the right thing to do for helping the employee to make the next step, either in or outside the company.