For years Q-Assessments is sponsoring equestrian sport, more specific showjumping. We support young & talented riders and provide them with young & talented horses. We are not only sponsoring with money, but also with knowledge and expertise. Q-Assessments opens up her network to support young riders with their challenges. The way we sponsor is typically for Q-Assessments: we focus on a long term relationship. This structural support results in sustainable development of succes. We strongly believe cooperation is more successful then individualism. That’s why Q-Assessments is not only present at the finish after a succesful performance but especially at the start. Not a one-off sponsorship but sponsorship on a structural base. Only then an optimal performance can appear.

At this moment some young talented horses are shown at competitions by Jan Albers (Langenboom, Netherlands) and Robbert Ehrens (Hamont, Belgium). All horses sponsored by Q-Assessments will appear with a prefix ‘Q-Assessments’ in the arena at competitions.