The largest and leading psychometric purchasing portal in the world.

Independent, objective, transparent and inform mediate HR tools and services.

Identifying and linking broad or specific HR needs of HR tools which fit within the desired target, the desired result and the permissible budget.

Q mediates only in high-quality instruments. Each instrument on a number of criteria and only "Q-Approved" -valent services come on the shelf.

Through scale purchasing can count on large and small consumers benefit. Thus, for example, parties can not afford heavy investments the ability to purchase each.

Although intermediary Q assumes all responsibility is to ensure that suppliers comply with all its obligations. For this purpose, Q has agreed a clear service level agreement with all parties representing Q Assessments.

Q Approved
All offered services and products are carefully screened by Q before they reach the market. We distinguish here between goods and services. Connected consultants and assessors we see as partners and have been screened on the same grounds.

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